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Our Administered Websites
Websites under Website Administration Center for web administion purposes

We’re stewards for a diverse array of sites ranging from Christian websites to humanitarian websites, academic websites to geopolitical websites, and so on.

Please check from time to time as our website administration network grows. Many websites are not yet listed.

 Humanitarian Websites:
* Christian Equality -Gender, Race, etc
* Charities in Zambia
* Zimbabwe Charities 
* Women’s Rights World
* Aziz Foundation USA



Christian Websites
* Jesus Work Ministry
* Christian Audio Sermons
* Spiritual Warfare
 * Deliverance Ministry
 * Demonbuster is Jesus
* Deliverance Ministers
* Evangelical Online
* Breaking Curses (General)
* Breaking Generational Curses
 * MP3 Sermon (Audio Sermons)
* Biblical Sabbath
* Jezebel Spirit Revealed

Academic Websites:
* The Harvard
* Books by Dr. Eric Gondwe

Information Technology (IT):
 * Web Development Career
* Website Administration Center


Geopolitical & Travel Websites:
Zambia, Africa
* Zimbabwe, Africa
* Botswana, Africa  (U constr’n)
* South Africa  (U construction)
* Malawi (U construction)
* Nairobi (U construction)


People Websites:
* Zambians Online
All Kenyans (U construction) 
* All South Africans (U construction)
* All Zimbabweans (U construction)
* All Malawians (U construction)
* Susan Benjamin
  * Gondwe Community


Shopping & Fan Sites
 (all Under cconstruction):

 * I Love Zambia
 * I Love Malawi
 * I Love Zimbabwe






Provincial, Town & City Sites
(all under construction):

* Lusaka Online at
* Lilongwe Online at
* Harare Online at
* Nairobi Online at
Baghdady, on Baghdad, Iraq
* Mweru at
* Mzimba at
* Lundazi at
* Luapula at
Maamba at
 * Marondera at
 * Mashonaland at

News and Weather Sites:
* Zambia Newspapers
* (For Zambia Weather)
* (For Zambia Weather)


Business Websites:
* Annapurna Restaurant, Cambridge, MA
* Ali Baba Restaurant, Cambridge, MA
* Friendly Corner, Cambridge, MA




Multimedia & Social Network Pages:
* Zambians & Friends on Facebook
Zambians & Friends at MySpace
* Women’s Rights World at MySpace
* Jesus Work on Facebook
* Jesus Work & E. Gondwe at Myspace
* JWM & E Gondwe at Website Magazine
* Eric Gondwe at Harvard Extension Association
* Jesus Work Ministry on Youtube
* Jesus Work Ministry on Plaxo
* Eric Gondwe on Plaxo


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